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"CMSys is an all inclusive College Management Software that works from a grass-root level to an executive level."

CMSys is a complete college management software solution that contains modules that ranging from student admissions to an integrated Training and Placement module. Departmental functions are all covered under CMSys which plays a classroom level role with respect to attendance marking, grades and such but also helps with higher level managerial functions like remuneration and fee management.

"ProQuiz is an easy user-friendly interface makes it stand apart from other softwares in this category."

ProQuiz is a test design software to provide an easy test set up and grading system. Conduct tests in the MCQ format and easily generate statistics to guage the overall performance of students. Individual grade cards and reports can be sent to students as well.

"ProMart is a fully automated barcode system which helps your store's day-to-day order placements."

ProMart is a checkout system for supermarkets and retailers. It includes a well designed interface for admins and an easy-to-use system for checkout operators. Business reports can be generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to survey the state of the business.

"SIBConf is an invaluable tool to organizers of any technical conference."

SIBConf is your all-in-one solution for managing paper submissions before Conferences. The system is designed to handle everything ranging from student registrations to paper acceptance.

"Virtual Cricket has never been this fun !"

CricLeague is a highly enjoyable game that allows you to create your player profile and compete in Cricket League playoffs to place bets on match outcomes, individual player performances and the like. Play along with a group of your friends and the player with the most accurate predictions wins!




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